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Home is the most affordable reverse osmosis system in the DIO Systems range. It is ideal for installation under the hob and uses a simple principle of purification, passing the water through the filtration system only with the help of the inlet pressure.
The reverse osmosis system uses a 6-stage system to remove all harmful contaminants in the water:

1) The first phase is a 25 cm polypropylene filter with a permeability of 5 microns. It removes all large contaminants, such as rust, limestone compounds, sand, sludge and others.

2) The second stage is a filter with granular activated carbon, which stops the passage of bacteria, chlorine, fluorine, residues of fertilizers, pesticides and other preparations contained in the water source.
3) The third filter is pressed activated carbon. It is an additional and finer phase of the previous activated carbon filter.

4) The fourth step is the reverse osmosis membrane. Thanks to a permeability of 0.0001 microns (0.1 nm), it prevents the dissolution of any dissolved inorganic salts, lime compounds and bacteria in the purified drinking water. The smallest bacteria and inorganic compounds are 400 times larger than the pores of the membrane, and as a result are taken to the return water. The protection is so strong that it prevents the passage of heavy metals, even at the molecular level. The membrane divides the water into 2 parts: contaminated water that goes into the canal and 1 part clean water that is taken to the storage container or directly to the battery.

5) The fifth filter with fine activated carbon is placed in order to give a soft and pleasant taste to the water.

6) Mineralizer with zeolite, which adds minerals to the water.

Optionally you can add:

        7. UV sterilizer - UV lamp with a power of 6W ensures that you drink completely sterilized from viruses, bacteria, pollen and other microorganisms water. It has a life of 8000 hours

The result is 99% pure water, accessible only after one turn of the elegant faucet displayed on your kitchen counter. The only maintenance required is the regular replacement of the filters every 6 months and the reverse osmosis membrane every 18 months.

Operating pressure indicator
6-stage filtration system
2 years warranty!
Metal stand with the possibility of hanging
Complete set of filters, hoses and fittings for installation

The set includes:
Reverse osmosis system
Complete set of filters and membrane
3 meter hose
Fittings for connection to the water supply, the vessel and switches for filter replacement
Clean water tap and expansion tank

Storage capacity: 11.25 liters
Productivity: up to 283 liters per day
Inlet pressure: 0.2-0.5 MPa (2-5 bar)
Maximum inlet water TDS: 1000 PPM
Inlet water temperature: 5-28 ° C
Switch when filling the container
Does not require power supply
Weight: 10 kg
Dimensions (H / D / W): 440/205/356 mm
Dimensions of expansion vessel (Diameter / Height): 200/350 mm