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The reverse osmosis system RO-102S solves any issues with home water, no matter how low the initial quality is. It is a perfect budget- and eco-friendly alternative to bottled water.

The system has an advanced design compared to the traditional RO systems. Thanks to its efficient built-in water-on-water tank, it takes up half the space under the sink, saves up to 9 tons of water per year, and works even under low pipeline pressure.

The 2-in-1 prefiltration cartridge K1 performs the work of two cartridges for effective filtration of coarse particles and protection of RO membrane, which is a long-lasting protection against any harmful contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and viruses. Its productivity is twice higher than that in RO-101S version, 450 instead of 225 liters (100 vs 50 GPD).

With RO-102S, pure water of the highest quality is always available for drinking and cooking right in your kitchen tap. Such water is highly recommended for baby food preparation since it’s absolutely safe and toxic-free.

The system completely removes hardness salts from the water, which means a longer life of coffee machines, kettles, irons and steamers. It also stands for a better taste of food, tea and coffee.


Optimal Mg and Ca mineralization

At the mineralization stage, the concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium are optimized, depending on the initial water hardness.

Clean water, which is enriched with magnesium, brings health benefits and helps in daily culinary efforts. Ordinary purified water tastes better with magnesium. Some drinks taste better too. Coffee lovers know that the right balance of magnesium will significantly improve the impression of the cup.

Magnesium also helps your body to maintain high energy levels and a good mood daily.


  • Water tankintegral tank
  • Clean water storage tank , L5
  • Reverse osmosis membrane performance, GPD100
  • Purified water to drainage water ratio1:4 – 1:6
  • Replacing cartridges without toolsyes
  • Reverse osmosis membrane performance, L/day380
  • Removes virusesyes
  • Drinking water tapyes
  • Regenerationnot required
  • Max. pressure, MPa/bar0,63 / 6,5
  • Min. pressure, MPa/bar0,2 / 2
  • System typereverse osmosis
  • Limescale preventionno limescale deposits
  • Removes chlorineyes
  • Mineral balancingyes
  • Replacement of filter cartridgesaccording to the replacement scheme
  • Removes bacteriayes
  • Drinking water without boilingyes
  • Protection against viruses and bacteria99.9%


  • 1Replacement filter cartridge K11 pc
  • 2Replacement filter cartridge K21 pc
  • 3Replacement membrane cartridge RO-100S1 pc
  • 4Replacement filter cartridge K7BM1 pc
  • 5RO housing1 pc
  • 6JG connecting tubes3 pcs
  • 7Connection node1 pc
  • 8Clean water faucet1 pc
  • 9Drain saddle1 pc
  • 10Service cap1 pc
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