NEW Reverse Osmosis System Supreme RO6 New Line

NEW Reverse Osmosis System Supreme RO6 New Line



Six levels of purification - the tap water purified with the system is delicious, drinkable table water.


I. Stage - preparatory mechanical filter made of polypropylene foam 20 microns. Removes undissolved solid particles larger than 20 microns. Extends the life of subsequent filter cartridges, especially activated carbon.


II. Stage - carbon filter made of pressed activated carbon
Removes chlorine and its compounds, as well as some organic contaminants. Needed to protect the osmotic membrane from the harmful effects of chlorine and its derivatives. Pressed activated carbon releases fewer dust particles than its granular form.


III. Stage - mechanical filter made of polypropylene foam 1 micron
Removes smaller substances dissolved in water such as mud, rust and others. Protects the osmotic membrane from activated carbon dust possibly separated in the previous stage.


IV. Stage - osmotic membrane (Vontron 75 GPD).
An essential stage of filtering. It is based on the principle of reverse osmosis - the most precise method of water purification. The osmotic membrane has a pore size of 0.001 microns, slightly larger than the water molecule. Therefore, practically only water passes through the membrane. Technological progress allows the production of membranes emitting mechanical and organic contaminants, heavy metals, radioactive elements. After passing through the membrane, the water is clean, without chemical compounds, heavy metals and other substances that got into it as a by-product of civilization. The membrane effectively removes chemicals trapped in the water from the treatment of agricultural areas with fertilizers and plant protection products. Because filtration in this phase is very slow, the water treated at this stage is collected in a buffer vessel. Removes 96-99% of all substances dissolved in water as well as all bacteria and viruses.


Stage V. - linear filter of the highest quality activated carbon from coconut shells. Removes volatile substances, giving the water the taste of spring water. Clarifies water by removing residual aromatic particles (AICRO).


VI. Stage - mineralizer of natural dolomite rocks. Enriches the purified water with minerals necessary for the functioning of the human body, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium. Gives the water the qualities of slightly mineralized table water.