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7-stage RO System SUPREME + IONIZER

7-stage RO System SUPREME + IONIZER


Seven-stage reverse osmosis system SUPREME RO7. The system is equipped with a water ionizing S-L-FIR filter, which has a positive effect on physiological processes in the human body.

Seven levels of filtration with 3 pre-filters, reverse osmosis membrane, activated carbon post-filter, mineralizer and ionizer. The VONTRON osmotic membrane with a capacity of 75 GPD perfectly purifies water from harmful contaminants. The next filter with granulated activated carbon from coconut shells grinds the taste of water. The S-L-MIN mineralizer enriches the water with useful minerals, makes it delicious table water.

The Supreme S-L-FIR water ionizer emits FIR infrared rays with an intensity of 2000 ni / cm3. Infrared rays in the far FIR spectrum cause the breakdown of large water clusters into smaller clusters of water molecules. The result is faster and better hydration of cells, as well as faster removal of toxins from the body. In addition, the filter has properties that can help raise the pH of the water. The water does not come into contact with the bioceramic balls of the S-L-FIR filter.


dimensions (height, depth, width) 450 x 150 x 450 (mm)
tank dimensions (height, diameter) 345 x 235 (mm)
working pressure from 3 to 6 bar
connection to the water supply 3/8 "
operating temperature from +4 ° C to + 40 ° C
membrane capacity 75 GPD (280 l / 24 hours)



S-PP20-BC - Antibacterial mechanical filter made of polypropylene fibers. First stage of filtration in reverse osmosis systems. Purifies water from solid particles smaller than 20 microns.

S-BL - carbon block filter with excellent quality. Second stage of filtration in reverse osmosis systems. Purifies chlorine and organic pollution from water.

S-PP5-BC - Antibacterial mechanical filter made of polypropylene fibers. Last stage of pre-filtration. Purifies water from solid particles smaller than 5 microns.


The fourth stage of water purification in reverse osmosis systems is the osmotic membrane, which is the most important filter element for any RO system. Reverse osmosis is the separation of water molecules from other compounds dissolved in water. Under the influence of pressure, pure water is filtered through a semi-permeable membrane. This process is the opposite of the process of natural osmosis, which occurs in all living cells. The membrane retains up to 96% - 98% of dissolved in water organic and inorganic pollutants, bacteria and viruses. The semipermeable osmotic membrane consists of a plurality of layers wound on a perforated pin. It is placed in a housing. Contaminated water is discharged into the sewer, and water particles that have penetrated through the microscopic pores of the membrane are discharged into a tank. The ratio of treated to wastewater mainly depends on: water pressure and water temperature.


S-L-CARB-QC 2 ”linear filter with granulated coconut shell activated carbon. The system has 5 stages of filtration. Compatible with standard reverse osmosis systems. Can be used as a refrigerator filter.


S-L-MIN-QC is the 6th stage of water filtration in home reverse osmosis systems. The S-L-MIN-QC linear mineralizer is better than other commercially available water mineralizers. Effectively enriches water with minerals useful for living organisms. Improves the taste of water.


S-L-FIR is used as the 7th filtration step in reverse osmosis systems. S-L-FIR is a linear filter with energy-emitting bioceramic balls that charge water. The radiation is from the FIR spectrum - long-wave radiation. The amount of negative ions is 2000 ni / cm3. S-L-FIR can raise the pH of water.

Drinking FIR-irradiated and energized water helps to improve the overall well-being of the body, boosts immunity, and also improves metabolism.



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